Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here is Lauren and her "soon to be" Hubby, Scott with the girls! Uncle Skeeter has Hailey and Aunt Lauren has Mattie.
Mommy with the best twin feeding tool ever- BOPPY's! Thanks Brokaw and Townsend families!

Mattie has found her thumb- dentist Daddy isn't real crazy about that!

Grampa and Honey here for a visit. They are WILD about the girls!!!

Here we are in our "Easter" dresses from Aunt Lauren. We were definitely ready for our close up!


Lauren said...

i love the dresses (your shirt really is cute...i know i told you yesterday). mom sure looks happy

Lauren said... does too. i like the way he's grinning!

Kristin said...

Those dresses are precious!