Friday, March 6, 2009

Babies... Babies... and more Babies!!!

Here are all the girls are with our "Welcome Home Storks!" What a great way to come home! Thanks Honey and Gramps!
At our first doctor visit! Everything was great! Mattie is on the right, Hailey on the left

Dr. Leeper with Hailey! He wanted to take them home with him!

Here he is with Mattie- giving her the once over too!

Ah- my sleepin beauties. Just like Mommy, arms above the heads!


Jenny said...

Erin, they are just adorable!
Your mom looks so happy.
I know you are all on cloud nine.
Tickle their toes for me.
I love "watching" them grow!

Alexa and Boris said...

I love seeing new pictures. They are getting cuter every day. My bun is still in the oven. Less than 2 weeks until I get to 40. I hope he comes soon.