Monday, February 16, 2009

Pretty Mommy!!

Mommy is feeling good and looks great! Ready to see her sweet girls!!


Heather said...

Erin!!! What happened??? I just saw you Friday! I have all your things ready...I know you want to wear your jacket home. I can bring it to you...I may try to call you in the next day or so. Gosh, looking at your precious girls... reminds of my two NICU babies. Just know, as I am sure you do, it's only for a short time and they will turn into little silly toddlers before you know it, love,love, heather

Stephanie said...

Congrats - Congrats Erin!!! Beautiful babies - hope some time soon when I'm in Nashville doing wedding stuff - I'll come by and see the cuties!!! Take care of yourself - Mrs. Moseley