Monday, January 12, 2009

OH Baby!! x2

One of the food tables!!!

My sweet friend- Jana! I love my gold bag and goodies! :) :) :) You know me so well!
Here is a picture of how I felt- elated! Ken and I are very blessed to have so many people in our lives that love us and our girls! Lauren made sure every detail was perfect! I can't think of a time I felt more special! Thanks to everyone who came and Lauren for putting together such special day for me and the girls!
Here are a few pics of some of out LOOT!

Look at the cute booties!! So tiny!

Here I am getting ready- wearing my favorite Katy K. shoes!!! :)

Honey and I! :)

Here is a quilt that Grammy made
for Mattie! It is precious! Hailey has one just like it!! How thoughtful. :)

Bibs and diaper covers with their names on them!

3 diaper bags I have received- or maybe purses!! :) :) Everyone sure knows my love for animal print!!

Heelarious shoes- the girls first pair of high heels! SO SO SO precious!

Monkey mommy with twin girls- Honey got creative!! :)

Here is a picture of both our bouncers! Can't wait to see the babies in these! Thanks Sexton family!!

Here is a sweet outfit given to us by Grammy- see their names she monogrammed!

Look at the adorable outfits that the DES girls brought my babies! They took care of mom too with $$ for a mani/pedi! You must have known I can't reach my toes anymore!!

Upclose picture of the dresses Aunt Lauren made Mattie and Hailey! Precious!!!!

Hailey and Mattie's first "little black" dress.

Super cute outfits that Honey gave the girls!!

Precious newborn gowns that Carla gave us!!! I can't get over the preciousness!!!

We got our carriers from my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Sonny, the head protectors from the Riggan family, and the poodles from Lauren.

Past and Present Dexter Elementary crew! SO good to see you all! Thanks for making my day so special!!

Two of my favorite Dexter friends- Natalie and Melisa!

Here I am with my sister in law Rachel!

Lindsey T- due in 10 days, Carla Clack and I! It was SO good seeing you girls!

Amanda and I! Such a sweet friend!

Here I am with Dawntoya, Lara, and baby Zapporah! She is BEAUTIFUL- just like her mommy! It was so good seeing my Downline friends!!! :)

This is Lauren's house before the party- check out the precious pillowcase dresses that Aunt Lauren made, 2 carriers, and 2 bassinets!

This was the wreath that was on the door- now worries, you will see this again on our hospital room door!

A picture of me and the hostess! Look how skinny I make Lauren look!!! :)

Here is the strawberry cake that matches the invitaion! DELICIOUS!!!



Alexa and Boris said...

Everything that you got is insanely cute. I can't believe all the matching things and the creativityt that was put into everything. Makes me almost want to have twins. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Really makes me look forward to mine this Saturday. I can't wait.

amanda said...

OMG that is so super cute! I feel like I was there....though I could have swam in those yummy looking goodies!
You look so amazing! I am getting so excited! xoxo
Hmmm......I have a funny story to tell you...about an interesting anatomy picture that two of my sweet girls drew....thanks to the book, No David by David Shannon. Anyway, needless to say - now I don't have that book in my library anymore. :)Sure do miss ya!!

riverrunsbyit said...

love all your things...yes, everything does look like your style! I know your girls will have everything cute! We need to get together soon! Heather