Monday, March 11, 2013

It's happened beFOUR I knew it....

These two little lovebugs turned 4 years old!!!

I can't believe it!  First of all- I think I should congratulate Ken and I- we made it the past 4 years with 2 babies... whew... Is there a medal for this?  Kidding- I have LOVED every minute of being their mommy!

ICouldn't be more proud of these 2 girls- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these 2!  
Special friends- Landon and Bailey from school.  We really enjoyed Brinca- bounce house with all of our new friends in Corpus!  

Honey and PaPa even made the trip!  They have been at EVERY party we have had for these 2- how special is that!!

Check it out- even the girl with the bum- BUM went down.  (it hurt- but hey, you only turn 4 once!)

I didn't have a theme this year- since we had it at Brinca, but I did make cute little face cut outs for the cupcakes- I was super happy with how it turned out!  :)

The first year no one cried when everyone sang!  
The Baird's gave us precious jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn and Honey and PaPa gave us our first "real" piece of jewelry to put them!  Do they know these 2 or what!! 

Thanks everyone for praying for us, thinking of us, and celebrating with us the past four years!  We have been very blessed by these two girls!  We LOVE you all!

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