Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christmas in Corpus

Here is just a taste of our 1st Christmas in Corpus!

 Happy Birthday, Jesus party at school! I LOVE that they bless their snack everyday.  Yay for prayer/God in school!
Our sweet friends, Suzy (whose pose is precious) and Landon with Hailey bug!

Mattie and her sweet friend Will.

St. James also put on a Christmas pageant- if you want to get in the Christmas spirit, run don't walk to a children's pageant! IT was ADORABLE!!

I am biased, but I think 2 littles stars sure did shine bright!  So proud of all these sweet friends!

The girls dance studio put on a little "candy cane performance".

It was SO cute!  

Of course- we visited Santa and this year we actually sat on his lap!!  LOVE
We attended our first tea party.

Celebrated with friends in our class.

Attended our Christmas Eve church service, where our pastor preached from a snowglobe.  
We even got to be in one too!  Super cool!

Twas the night before Christmas, Daddy reading the Christmas story.

Getting ready to be tucked in for a good nights sleep.
Gotta feed the reindeer... and cookies for Santa.

Looks like we had some very good girls this year.

I think Santa did  good this year.  
One last thing, our traditional "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake.  

Sneaky, sneaky...
Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 

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