Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday party Mattie and Hailey!!!

OH What a fun time it has been this month! This post is LONG over due...
A few details we celebrated the girls birthday with their sweet little friends at the beginning of the month- due to Mardi Gras. We had their party at a sweet Ice Cream store on The Strand in downtown Galveston- called La King's! It truly is uniquely Galveston and only fitting as their last birthday on this sweet island.
My precious 3 year old girls! What a JOY you two are to us!
Honey and PaPa even made it to the shindig! It was a lot of fun having them here for the party and the weekend fun. I love this picture.... my Dad- hee hee!
The set up.
Hailey and Mattie were so excited about "my party". They couldn't wait and have talked about it all month. They were able to run play, eat ice cream, giggle and enjoy friends.
Can you feel the fun?!?!?! I love this picture.
Special friends to come and share the day with us. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the friends that Galveston has brought us.

Our sweet family_ BLESSED!
A big thank you to Katy K- for her help setting up and showing up! It wouldn't be a party with out The Kummerfeld's! We even had a minute or 2 to run to the shop next store- you know us- always up for shopping!
We LOVED the rides

The favors- swords for our "Prince Charmings" and wands with hair clips for the Princesses!

What a great way/day to celebrate these 2 PRECIOUS, adorable, loveable, entertaining, funny, silly, exciting, sweet, cute 3 year old little girls!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday PaPa!

Happy Birthday to the best dad and PaPa EVER! We LOVE you so much...
We had a little "pre"party when my parents were down for Mattie and Hailey's birthday. It was so much fun celebrating with him and them.
I am so sad that I had to miss the "surprise" party for him at his office that my mom put together, but I know it was SO much fun. My dad was also surprised with a bunch of dinosaur figurines in his front yard this morning with a sign saying, "Welcome to "Geriatric" Park, Lennie!

HAHAHAHA! I'll post pics soon.
Happy Birthday PaPA- we hope it was a VERY special day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who run the world- GIRLS! : )

Just a flashback of our all we have done...
Causeways- toughest 10k's!
We ROCK... just sayin'

Here is why I run...
I run for:
1- My babies- Mattie and Hailey
2- My heart- Ken
3- My Mom
4- My Dad
5- The Baird's
6- Liz
7- The Kummerfeld's
8-Those that can't
9-Those that won't
11- Donuts
12- Life
13- My God
Keep running the race that is set before you with endurance. Heb 12:1

I have done it... I have done it.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


On February 5, 2012, two "CRAZY" (according to Ken), girls went to Sangerfest Park to "run the race set before them"...
Everything that Liz and I have worked for- the long runs, the short runs, the snacks, the flat tires on strollers, the water bottles, the wardrobe planned... we were ready for the Mardi Gras 1/2 marathon! I am so EXCITED to say I set a goal- with the help and encouragement of Ken and encouragement of Liz--- I REACHED my goal to run a 1/2 marathon! We did it... Liz and I ran the entire thing in 2 hours and 23 minutes. WAHOO!!! It was one of the hardest runs ever. The weather was 49 degrees and it rained the entire time... but we did it!
Here we are with our finisher medals! I kind of want to wear it every day. Up next a sticker for my car- yep! I am that girl- at least for the time being! :)
Thanks Liz- you are the best running buddy ever!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NOLA Bound!

Last weekend a group of fun, loving cute chicks from Galveston headed to "The Big Easy" for a great girls weekend! Overall- we ate good, shook our tale feathers, accessorized in "new" ways, shopped, and played! It was SO MUCH FUN!

This guy stands- all day like this... I can only compare the way he must feel at the end of the day to what it feels like when you get off from riding a horse...
The girls
Let's make this a yearly tradition- but NO 7am flight back!