Monday, May 14, 2012

Haynes Family update!

The past few months sure have been CrAzY to say the least!!  Here are a few of the things we have been up to lately!
The girls visit their soon to be home- Corpus Christi!  I think it is funny that they are still looking for Miss Christi... :)

We met the incoming OMFS resident and his finance'.  We broke them in right at The Poop Deck...  

If you can't find us- check at Mario's!  This is a weekly standing date with Liz and IV.  It is amazing and may need to be continued throughout the summer.  I could come back once a week- right?!?!

                           Mattie and Hailey get pampered!  OOOH LaLa! Our first PEDICURE!!
 Hailey took to it like she was born at a salon, but Mattie was a little more uncertain.  She was willing to "have pretty toes" but wanted to stay with me.  :)  Secretly- I am SO ok with that!  :):):)
Fun with friends - LOVE me some Laura V, Kate Martin, and Amanda K!

Liz and I became models!  That is a completely different post- but OH SO FUN!!!

Murdoch's Oh the memories!!

Mattie spelled her 1st word!  Can you say future Chi- O?  I can! :)

We went to our first tea room with Sweet Mrs. Stevy and Alaina.  I wish I had a picture of us all!

As alway- WE LOVE some dress up!  Whether it is "driving Mrs. Daisy" hats at the tea room

or Mommies rainboots and heels- WE LOVE to be "FANCY"!  We often tell Daddy how "FANCY" he is! Hee Hee!!!

We LOVE the park!!! 

My little monkeys!!!


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Caroline said...

They are the absolute cutest!