Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 years old cuties!

My BIG 3 year old girls at their well visit check up.

The girls did so well! They were SO willing to be weighed and measured... it didn't hurt that everyone thought they were SO cute! :)
Mattie's STAT's:
3feet 2 inches tall (70%)
33 pounds (75%)

Hailey's STAT's:
3 feet tall (40%)
29.5 pounds (38%)
The girls LOVE Dr. Rogers. They would let her do anything. She has such a sweet spirit.
Mattie and Hailey did have to get a shot and blood test to make sure they were anemic. They were such troopers. Hailey didn't even cry! So BRAVE! Mattie only got teary eyed because she didn't want to lay down.

Bragging on these girls:
Mattie and Hailey keep us rolling, from their gestures to the things they say- can you say these 2 have PERSONALITY! A few funnies lately:

*Mattie on the causeway bridge looked on one side and said "I see the ocean!" and then looked on the other side of the bridge and said "Look Mommy! Another ocean!" So cute!

*Hailey has started asking everyone we meets name and introduces herself as "Hailey Sutton Haynes-bug" or "Hailey-boo" (not sure where that came from...

*Mattie calls fire trucks- "Fire drills"

*Hailey is convinced (and will argue it) that Belle is a boy because she has short hair.

*Mattie never wants to wear pants... we hit the door to our house and her pants are coming off. Ken and I both blush...

*Hailey will tell you that she smiles with her eyes and Mattie smiles with her mouth.

*Several of my close friends are pregnant and this fascinates M & H. Both have started saying they have babies in their tummies- horrifies Ken. Mattie the other night told Miss Laura that she had a baby in her tummy, then later she came back and told her that she didn't have a baby in her tummy, just cookies!"

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