Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glimpse of 2011

January 2011
**Off and running! We are all off to a great start! I just love this picture of Ken and Dr. Mainous in the OR- it's a glimpse of a day at work with him.
February 2011
**Mattie and Hailey turned 2- what a blowout it was! The girls are so much fun!

March 2011
**The Kummerfeld's visit us in Galveston. I love seeing these guys!
April 2011
***We visited Austin with The Kummerfeld's! It was so much fun to have an adult get away!
May 2011
***We attended our very first Astro's game!

June 2011
***This was a big month for The Haynes family
The girls became potty trained...
We learned about Jesus at First Baptist VBS- what a show these girls put on!
Aunt LaLa and I turned 30!

Celebrated in Memphis!

and in Houston with some of my favorite friends!
also with my favorite little people too!
Baker graduated and Ken became CHIEF of the OMFS program!
July 2011
***Celebrated the 4th with pride, popsicles and peeps!
I met sweet baby Paige!
and loved on Lilly!!!
Ken took flight... literally!

We spent a lot of time having fun in the sun!

We got our first ride!
Our favorite summer activity- swimming!!
August 2011
***The girls started ballet and tap!

celebrated Alaina's upcoming arrival!
September 2011
*** Ken and I celebrated 4 years of marriage
Took M & H on our first family vacation to San Antonio!
Riverwalk fun
At Seaworld too!
Also, HUGE this month, Hailey gave her paci to sweet Paige and never looked back!

October 2011
*** Watching the sailboats at the Harvest Moon Regatta

Celebrated Happy Halloween with several parties and fun festivities!

November 2011
**Daddy turned 31
We celebrated with great friends and yummy food- LOVE Yamato's!
Celebrated Liz's bday too!
December 2011
Was one big party!

and alot of family fun

all in all a great year- full of amazing blessings!
I pray that 2012 will be as eventful and fun as 2011...
We are currently in the process of figuring out where we go from here- so we are sure to have so changes and adventures soon!
Praying for God's plan for our family and yours!
Happy New Year!

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