Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with the Haynes'!

Here I am with my DOUBLE stroller! Thanks mom and dad!

Our little family- that will soon expand!

The original Sutton's!

The first set of TWINS!

Here we are with Lauren and Scott- we had tons of fun that night going on multiple scavenger hunts for our presents.

Ken found a special painting for him in my parent's bedroom...

Ken and I at Opryland Hotel before the Rockettes! I think the girls are aspiring ROCKETTES since they kicked the entire time!


Alexa and Boris said...

I love the stroller. Making me look forward to my baby shower in less then a month.

You look great, you;re not getting as big as I thought you would. At the rate that I'm going I think people are going to start asking me if I'm having twins. They are already thinking that I'm about to pop.

Alexa and Boris said...

At my last appointment before Christmas I was at 23 lbs. It's not too bad, I'm just starting to get worried at this point that I will gain over 30 lbs. I'm not really trying to gain weight, it's just happening. 40 for you is not bad since there are two of them in there.

Dawntoya and Adam said...

I cant wait to see you in person!